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25 curious facts about slavery in Brazi

Note from BW of Brazil: Whenever discussing the experiences of African descendants in the Americas, the topic will inevitably turn to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade at some point in the discussion. This blog has touched on a few aspects about slavery in Brazil over the past few years, mostly dealing with the sheer numbers of Africans brought to Brazil and the vast racial inequalities that continue even 125 years after the abolition of this institution. Today, in a very intriguing post, we present a little more background about slavery from the Brazilian perspective and shed light on some interesting details.  Main slave traffic routes between Africa and Brazil 25 curiosities about slavery in Brazil by Michel Goulart by Black Women of Brazil The Golden Law signed by Princess Isabel on May 13, 1888, ended slavery in Brazil On May 13th the abolition of slavery is commemorated in Brazil. The fact occurred ...

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(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Danny Glover: ‘Societies Must Apologize’ for Slavery with Reparations

Actor and activist Danny Glover called on international leaders to “apologize” for the enslavement of African-Americans in the past through reparations for descendants. Por  NICHOLAS BALLASY , do PJ Media “I call upon you today as policy representatives and socially conscious citizens, public servants of our countries guided by personal ethics, religions, faith and/or official oath of office to avow a commitment to democracy, justice, equality and human rights. The call today for reparatory justice for Afro-descendants is an imperative for expanded democracy and spiritual and material well-being. It is a test case for human decency that conforms to the accepted standards of morality,” Glover said in a speech before the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on “Reparations for Slavery and the Genocide of Native Peoples.” “The negative consequences of inattention or of insufficient attention to the legitimate demands of Afro-descendants in all of our societies for official ...

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Slavery to Mass Incarceration

The myth of racial difference that was created to sustain American slavery persists today. Slavery did not end in 1865, it evolved. #SlaveryEvolved enviado por Zakiya Carr para o Portal Geledés The legacy of slavery can be seen in the presumption of guilt and dangerousness assigned to African Americans, especially young men and boys, the racial profiling and mistreatment that presumption creates, and the racial dynamics of mass incarceration. "Slavery to Mass Incarceration" is narrated by Bryan Stevenson. The art is by Molly Crabapple. EJI’s Race and Poverty project explores racial history and attempts to deepen our understanding of the legacy of racial injustice. By telling the truth about our past, EJI believes we can create a different, healthier discourse about race in America. RACE AND POVERTY The history of racial inequality and economic injustice in the United States has created continuing challenges for all Americans and we believe more must ...

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