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    April 30, 2013: 25 years of Geledés: the Black Women’s Institute

    April 30, 2013: 25 years of Geledés: the Black Women’s Institute – a leading organization in the fight against racism and giving visibility to black women of Brazil. Congratulations! Note from BW of Brazil: Today, April 30th, in 1988 the black women’s organization Geledés began its very important work of giving voice to Brazil’s black women and articulating a dialogue on the topic of racism in Brazil society. Today, the organization celebrates 25 years of the struggle. Congratulations to the women of Geledés!  A luta continua (The struggle continues)!!! Below is a brief description of this organization taken from the Global Giving and Wiser websites as well as a contribution from author and activist Cidinha da Silva.  Geledés is a black women’s organization whose institutional mission is to fight racism and sexism, value and promote African-descendent women in particular, and the African-descendent community in general. Its objective is to increase the visibility of ...

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    Personagens da História do Geledés

    Personagens da História do Geledés uma construção que teve início em 30 de abril de 1988 Maria Lúcia da Silva Presidente de Geledés 1988 a 1994 Sônia María do Nascimento Presidente de Geledés 1994 a 2000 Maria Aparecida da Silva Presidente de Geledés 2000 a 2003 Solimar Carneiro Presidente de Geledés 2003 a 2009 Nilza Iraci da Silva Presidente de Geledés 2009 a 2014 Adriana Graciano Adriana Maria Carbonell Gragnani Ana Lúcia Xavier Teixeira Ana Maria da Silva André Luiz da Costa Andreia Gloria Angélica de Maria Mello de Almeida Anie Phillips Antonicelmo Horácio Carneiro Antonio Carlos Arruda da Silva Antonio Carlos"KK" dos Santos Filho Barbara C. Lopes Caio Lando Camila Costa da Silva Santos Carla dos Santos Reges Carlos Alberto Alves de Souza Cleber Jericó da Silva Cleber Jericó da Silva Clodoaldo Affonso Arruda da Silva Daniela de Mello Custódio Daniela Ferreira Mariano Dárcio Ribeiro de Andrade (Fat) Deise ...

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    The Geledés Black Woman Institute

    Geledés – Black Woman Institute was created on April 30th 1988. It is a political organization of black women which has as its institutional mission the struggle against racism and sexism, the validation and empowerment of black women in particular and the black community in general. Geledé is originally a type of feminine secret society of a religious nature found in the traditional Yoruba societies. It expresses the feminine power over the land fertility, procreation and the community’s well-being. With a view to updating this tradition in the light of the contemporary needs of black women, Geledés has been consolidating the discussions about black women’s issues as a fundamental aspect in the gender discussion in the Brazilian society and enhancing the debate about the need for adoption of inclusive public policies so that the principle of opportunities equality for all can come true. In its history, the Organization has participated ...

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