VERBO – Performance Art Festival

European Launch of book and Talk open to the public
March 24 , 20 hs, Arti et Amicitatie

Do Basis for Live Art


26 March / 19:30 h/Dansmakers

Kalunga. the water archive. the earth archive. systems of communication. places of transition. states of becoming.



Kalunga, Luanda Jacoel & Åsmund Kaupang2

After eleven editions, VERBO has already presented more than 300 actions by more than 500 artists, serving as an open space where the public has always attended free of charge.

This book presents an overview of the eleven editions of VERBO and features texts written by VERBO’s Artistic Director Marcos Gallon, Urbanist-Architect Marta Bogéa, curators Liliana Coutinho, Fernando Oliva and Agnès Violeau, journalist Teté Martinho, artist Carla Zaccagnini, and the Spanish artist duo LOS TORREZINOS. After launch, the digital file of the book will be available for free.

Book VERBO: Performance Art Festival
Editor Marcos Gallon
Texts Agnès Violeau, Carla Zaccagnini, Fernando Oliva, Liliana Coutinho, LOS TORREZNOS, Marcos Gallon, Marta Bogéa and Teté Martinho.
Photos Edouard Fraipont, Ding Musa and Rafael Cañas.
Graphic Design Estúdio Campo
Sponsored by Autonomy Investimentos
292 pages; 281 images

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